“Kudos to the Page One team, for being your usual stalwart, thoroughly professional selves. The lights wouldn’t get turned on without you guys, and we appreciate the stellar effort, as per usual.”

“I wanted to reiterate how thankful we were for your support. The team handled everything we threw at you and did so with an amazingly positive can-do attitude. We never stopped hearing from attendees about how great your team was throughout the conference. You really made it easy for the cars to shine to this group, and I’m appreciative of everything.”

“Another Coachella event under our belts and once again the Page One team did a flawless job executing the complicated program. I always enjoy working with Page One and would not want to do an event without you. On behalf of Chevrolet, thank you all!”

“We consider Page One an extension of our team. We trust that, when they are involved, every aspect of the program will be performed with professionalism and attention to detail. They know our products, our team, our executives, and our media guests.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for doing an amazing job and working those long hours for all of us. The cars always look amazing and from my perspective, everything always seems to be under control and organized (although I can only imagine the stress of herding all of us). I really appreciate the work you guys put into these events and it’s always an incredible time. Thank you!”

“Your organization has been extremely professional, efficient and prompt in its delivery service. The cars have never been anything but sparkling clean inside and outside, and your employees have always offered me an overview of each car’s features and answered any questions. I’m very impressed with the high quality of service I’ve received.”

“Thanks for all the work Page One did to provide us with cars and take care of us at WAJ Media Days. I am always amazed at how such a complicated event somehow ends up working so beautifully.”