Choreograph 3-day program to fully cover 3 different models for 160 attendees


For simultaneous media waves, supplied:

Route design
and production

Vehicle logistics
and detailing

Transportation management
and execution

Each day, efficiently managed 3 street drives and 3 off-road courses for 3 models


Tremendous positive feedback from clients and media

Guests could produce 3 model reviews in one productive trip

“My compliments to everyone on pulling off, essentially seamlessly, such a big, broad triple-header media launch event.  With three separate vehicle presentations and drives, with overlapping waves, in 1-½ days, complicated by nearby fires and Monterey airport issues, the logistics of it all must have been daunting!”

Gary Witzenburg, Contributing Editor, Kelley Blue Book;
Juror: North American Car and Truck of the Year

“We still have Wave 4 in the house but wanted to thank you all so much for all the hard work. I also wanted to share some of the positive reviews and feedback from the media both from a product and event standpoint. I know this was not an easy program but I think the media really liked the format and it allowed them to cover three vehicles with one trip. As always, your hard work, professionalism and hospitality is much appreciated.”

Gina Pasco, Senior Manager, Nissan LIVE Events

“Our ‘Adventure Drive’ and ‘Year of the Truck Drive’ were two of the most complex programs we’ve done. Page One executed the logistics of creating and managing five different drive routes, more than 100 test vehicles, and more than 300 media from all over North America. The experience for the guests was seamless and incredibly valuable for evaluating the products. Page One’s performance was outstanding.”

Dan Bedore, Director, Nissan Division Communications